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What are your hours for drop off and pick up?
Are there weeks when you close?


Kitty Cat Check In / Outs are done M-F afternoons and evenings only and by appointment.  


We sometimes have closed days and weeks throughout the year so we recommend booking early to ensure The Cottage will be open for Kitties Vacay and space is available. 

More Info On General Admin Appointment Check In / Out Hours Can Be Found Here

What do you require for Kitty to board at The Cottage?


We ask for current paperwork of FVRCP and Rabies, along with a current application of Topical Flea Med.

If we flea comb Kitties and see proof of flea residue, we will apply a topical flea med as a courtesy and add it to the the room bill.


Can we do open ended or flexible check out dates?




Due to very limited availability we can only offer this in very special circumstance.

Flex Check Outs require a (potentially refundable deposit) of 2/3 normal rate per extended day.


We are happy to return deposits of any unused days that would not have otherwise been 

booked by our other Kitty guests. 

Do you charge per night, day or time of check out?


Because kitties check in and out in afternoons and evenings only, charges accrue each day Kitty is in The Cottage regardless of the check in / out time.

What should I bring with my Cats for their Cottage stay?
What does The Cottage provide?


Bring Kitties usual food and anything else you think they would like on their vacation.

We've had Kitty parents bring their favorite blankets, their people's robe, and even their kids shoes!


We supply litter, deep corner litter boxes, toys, fresh growing catnip, catgrass, food bowls, water bowls and an array of treats, as well as grain free wet food tidbits for snacking variety.

What activies can my Kitties participate in while boarding at The Cottage?


With permission, Kitties can lounge in the Outdoor Jungle, peruse their private patio, partake in fresh Catnip and Cat Grass, lounge in the Sunroom, play with our assortment of cat trees, toys and tunnels.

Additionally, most Kitties spend countless hours bird stalking from their rooms and various vantage points in the cottage as well as enjoying yummy treats and select table scraps from the Main House.


Do you co-mingle Cat Families?

No. Although most of our feline guests are very friendly and social, for their safety, we keep Our Happy Little Meowies separated by family and rotate their time out exploring the Jungle and Sunroom by family as well.

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